DJ – Roland (Buster) Pearson “Andy Bowman”




Years of involvement:  1967 – 1972
Alias:  Buster

Home Location: South Benfleet, Essex
Types of involvement:  Broadcast Monitor, Recording Studio, DJ, Meeting place with tea & Cakes
Comment / History:
  During one of our earliest telephone request shows (1967) broadcast from a location in South Benfleet, Essex, a well-spoken lady telephoned in asking us to play a dedication for Buster and his Auntie. This request was followed by a string of similar requests throughout the day from the same household, which culminated in an invitation to tea and cakes at a well-kept 1930s-style bungalow located at 31 Avondale Road, South Benfleet.  Buster who was housebound had been brought up by his professional mother and Auntie, they both had lots to talk about and kept us entertained for hours making us feel very welcome indeed.

Buster always blamed the J.O. for getting him involved with Pirate Radio, but in reality Buster thrived on all his new-found contacts and friends – his whole world just opened up.

Buster soon became a major focal point and link to all the pirate stations both on-shore and off-shore. His meticulous program logs soon provided the starting point for his own radio magazine “Monitor”.Pam Bird helped Buster produce the very first edition and chose the name “MONITOR” for the new magazine.

Buster would often listen to our FM 29.60MHz (SW) mobile transmissions as we regularly trundled to and from work on a daily basis, Steve.T took “Buster” to Southend-on-sea college so that he could sit his own C&G Radio Amateurs examination, it wasn’t long before Buster joined in the daily routine using his own radio amateurs callsign “G4OWP”. or as Don Scott reminded us “G4 Offshore Wireless Person”.


Buster was also a keen photographer taking pictures of all those who visited his house, a lot of the photographs and audio tapes on this website are from Busters own collection.


Sadly Buster is no longer with us, but his memory will stay in our hearts forever, his funeral at Southend-on-Sea was very well attended and included members from the Radio Kaleidoscope team.      

                                                        RIP old friend


Stations & Other Involvements:
Radio Caroline

Radio Veronica

Radio NorthSea International

Radio Atlantis

Radio Lazer

Radio Kaleidoscope

Radio Recovery

Pictures & Documents:

DJ Andy Bowman – preparing shows at home using his Phillips Stereo 4500 – Reel 2 Reel tape recorder – 1971 (Courtesy Evening Echo Newspaper)


File1351File1354Press Cutting 15May



Busters house – Busters Mother & DJ Andy Archer (Courtesy Pam Bird) – 1969


Recording Studio 1967-1972

Buster House (Courtesy Pam Bird)


Flood Benfleet 1968

The show must go on – South Benfleet 1968



Buster and his mother – Back door 31 Avondale Road


Roland Pearson - FRC

Roland “Buster” Pearson – Free Radio Campaign


Buster - Home office

Monitor 1-d

Monitor Magazine No1


Busters Garden Party Aug 1983-2

Rendezvous at Busters – Jean always provided the largest mugs of tea you could ever hold – Don Scott, Theo Dencker, Chris Harris, John Payne, Buster, Keith King, Nobert Dengler, Steve T, Circa 1985


DJ “Andy Bowman” better known as Buster recording a Radio show at home – His visible music selection includes “The Crickets – Rockin 50’s”, “Hammond with the swinging Anna Degg” and Raymondes Magic Organ”.  (Courtesy Evening Echo) – 1971



DJ Andy Archer – Recording at Busters


Robin Banks at Busters-2

DJ Robin Banks Recording at Busters



DJ Kathy Jeanette – Recording at Busters



Radio Log Book – QSO extract with Buster G4OWP – 1983


Roland “Buster” Pearson – 1977


Buster – Newspaper article – 1977 (Courtesy Evening Echo Newspaper)