Canadian Wireless Set No.C-43 WWII Transmitter

The Canadian Wireless Set  C-43  was Radio Kaleidoscopes Short Wave (49 Meter Band)  Broadcast Transmitter. Due to its size and power requirements the C-43 transmitter was installed at a separate unmanned location in a barn close to Rochford near Southend-on-Sea. Many overseas dedications and signal reports were received from person in continental Europe up to 300Miles away.

The Transmitter Power Amplifier section was modified to provide over 600 Watts of RF output power on the SW 49 Meter band, the power supplies used  transformers produced by Chris McCarthy’s Grandfather Cecil Steward “Transformer Manufacturer” of Hadleigh, Essex.

The 43 set transmitter was remotely controlled via a GPO telephone line with the Radio shows being sent over the same two telephone wires from a location 5 miles away at Hadleigh Essex.

John Graves G3TOU  a local radio amateur from Rochford, Essex would often monitor the transmissions and provide quality reports. (SWM-1965-02.pdf)

This transmitter was given to Radio Kaleidoscope by Roger Allen in 1969


Radio Kaleidoscope - Sort Wave - coverage map 1969-2s

The Radio Kaleidoscope Short Wave transmissions received the most responses from transmissions broadcast between the hours 14:00 – 21:00 requests came in from locations up to -300 miles away

Canadian 43-set-3

The front panels on the 43 set transmitter are quite colourful – not seen in this B&W picture

43-set Mid Panel     43-set lower panel

WS No 43 Truck Installtion

WS No 43 Truck Installation

WS No 43 - Installation Block Diagram

WS No 43 – Installation Block Diagram


WS No 43 - Power Amplifier 2 x 813 stage

WS No 43 – Power Amplifier 2 x 813 stage


Canadian set power supplies

Original WS 43 – Power Supply units built by the Radio Kaleidoscope team – 1969


43 Set - Operators Book-1-s

Canadian 43 Set instruction manual



Radio Kaleidoscope SW 49 meter band WS No43 transmitter – Power Requirements