Canadian Wireless Set No.C-43 WWII Transmitter

The Canadian Wireless Set  C-43  was Radio Kaleidoscopes Short Wave (49 Meter Band)  Broadcast Transmitter. Due to its size and power requirements the C-43 transmitter was installed at a separate unmanned location in a barn close to Southend-on-Sea. The transmitter was remotely controlled via a GPO telephone line with the Radio shows being sent over the same telephone wires from a location 5 miles away.

The transmitter was given to Radio Kaleidoscope by Roger Allen in 1969

Radio Kaleidoscope - Sort Wave - coverage map 1969-2s

The Radio Kaleidoscope Short Wave transmissions received the most responses from transmissions broadcast between the hours 12:00 – 19:00/21:00

Canadian 43-set-3

The front panels on the 43 set transmitter are quite colourful – not seen in this B&W picture

43-set Mid Panel     43-set lower panel

WS No 43 Truck Installtion

WS No 43 Truck Installation

WS No 43 - Installation Block Diagram

WS No 43 – Installation Block Diagram


WS No 43 - Power Amplifier 2 x 813 stage

WS No 43 – Power Amplifier 2 x 813 stage


Canadian set power supplies

Original WS 43 – Power Supply units built by the Radio Kaleidoscope team – 1969


43 Set - Operators Book-1-s

Canadian 43 Set instruction manual



Radio Kaleidoscope SW 49 meter band WS No43 transmitter – Power Requirements