DJ – Pam Bird “Kathy Jeanette”, “Rona Dene”


Audio: 1969 DJ Kathy Jeanette age 17yrs

Alias: Kathey Jeanette

Kathy JeanettePD0006-sSouthend Hospital Radio

Years of involvement: 1969-1972
Home Location: South Benfleet, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ
Comment / History:- 

 Kathy was the first and only female DJ on Radio kaleidoscope during the 60’s. At the age of 17 Kathy’s shows and wide cross section of music appealed to a whole range of audiences.Kathy provided her pre-recorded shows anonymously through Buster to Radio Kaleidoscope.

Security measures to protect the stations DJ identities were so good in the early years that Kathy and other Radio Kaleidoscope team members walked passed each other for over 25 years despite frequenting the exact same venues!!


Steve T & Kathy finally met again after 44 years, the rendezvous occurred at George Osborne’s place in the Old town at Leigh-on-sea, 28July14. The same day the Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline) sailed passed en-route to an unknown destination.


Welcome back Kathy….


Kathy has worked on :-


Southend Hospital Radio – “Kathy Jeanette”


Radio Kaleidoscope – “Kathy Jeanette”


Radio Recovery – Hospital Radio – “Rona Dene”


Southend Hospital – Chaplaincy Team


Monitor Magazine – (Busters Radio Mag)


DJ Kathy Jeanette - 1968

DJ Kathy Jeanette at Busters house – 1968 – (Courtesy Pam Bird)

DJ Kathy Jeanette - 1969

DJ Kathy Jeanette at Busters house – 1969 (Courtesy Pam Bird)


DJ Kathy Jeanette – Phone requests (Courtesy Pam Bird)

DJ Kathy Jeanette 1969

DJ Kathy Jeanette – All night studio recordings sessions take their toll (Courtesy Pam Bird)

DJ Kathey Jeanette & Jackie Fry Southen FRC

DJ Kathy Jeanette & Jackie Fry Southend FRC – Outside the original Southend-on-Sea Technical College, in the background is the Southend-on-Sea Victoria Plaza development – 1969 (Courtesy Pam Bird)


Field survey – DJ Kathy Jeanette & Bob at Finchingfield 1971 (Courtesy Pam Bird)


DJ Kathy Jeanette, Jill & Jackie Fry


DJ Kathy Jeanette, Chris, Jackie Fry, DJ Tracey Deram, DJ Andy Archer – 1971

DJ Kathy Jeanette recordings 1971

b DJ Kathy Jeanette recording more shows at Busters studio – 1971 (Courtesy Pam Bird)

Kathy Jeanette weapons training

DJ Kathy Jeanette – Musket Training to help repel boarders (Courtesy Pam Bird)

DJ Kathy Jeanette ON AIR -  2015

DJ Kathy Jeanette ON AIR – 2015

Kathy Jeanette - Radio Caroline Play List

Kathy Jeanette – Radio Caroline Top 15 Play – 2015

One of the Many promotional records given to Radio Kaleidoscope

One of the Many free promotional records provided to Radio Kaleidoscope DJ’s


BELOW : –  BBC Essex – Peter Holmes birthday dedication to Pam 14Aug16