Paddy Roy Bates – Radio Essex


Years of involvement: 1967-1968Roy Bates
Home Location: Westcliff-on-Sea
Types of involvement: Information
Comment / History:-
 When Radio Kaleidoscope was first launched by Steve T in 1967, Steve & Nigel went to visit Roy Bates and his wife Joan at their family home/flat just off Avenue Road, Westcliff-on-sea, Roy welcomed them with refreshments and some pointers on how to run a successful covert Radio station. 

On other occasions Roy used the GPO Call-box telephone number broadcast by the Radio Kaleidoscope team to provide the station with signal and quality reports. Roy was always very critical!Like so many other people,

Steve was later awarded a certified title to “The Principality of Sealand”  but somehow “Sir Jolly Orange” did not have quite the same ring to it!



Sealand in 2007 CREDIT: REX FEATURES

Sealand in 2007 CREDIT: REX FEATURES


Roy & Joan Bates Obituary

Joan & Roy Bates – (Courtesy The Telegraph)


Press Article


Sealand 1-2S



Sealand 2-2


Radio Essex Tower-2Bb

Rough Towers 1967-B

Rough Towers Radio Essex – Late 60’s – FRC Magazine


Rough Towers ariticle-2B

FRC Rough Towers article – 1970