Radio Kaleidoscope – Clarification, TimeLine


 Radio Kaleidoscope was the longest running land-based pirate radio station of its time, spanning a total of 10 years.

The original Radio Kaleidoscope’s popularity and rising success was due to its audiences’ keenness to hear an alternative Radio music station.

With so few UK broadcast stations in the 60’s and the government’s campaign to close down the offshore pirate stations Radio Caroline , Radio London, Radio Lazer, RNI etc. Radio kaleidoscope quickly gained a large captivated audience, many offering their family homes as future broadcast sites.

Top DJ’s of the day Mike Baker, Andy Archer, Jim Randall, Steve Allen, Roger Lane, Larry Tremaine and the first female DJ Kathy Jeanette, soon joined Radio Kaleidoscope helping to further raise the stations popularity and standards.

1967-1973:  Radio Kaleidoscope-IRadio Kaleidoscope Offical Site-2

  • -The original Radio Kaleidoscope was founded in 1967 it was never closed down by the authorities or had its equipment confiscated, it closed amicably on 27 December 1972 following the stations last Christmas broadcast.  (now working on MOD projects the J.O. was asked to forget his radio past!)
  • -The first song played on Radio Kaleidoscope was a Whiter Shade of Pale by Procal Harum. The theme tune  Kaleidoscope (Tangerine Dream) was the last record ever played.
  • -Radio kaleidoscope operated in the Southend-on-Sea, Hadleigh & surrounding Essex area’s.
  • -The station broadcast on 226 Meters MW, 49 Meters SW &  96Mhz VHF/FM
  • -The websites for this first period are &
  •  N.B. Only the people shown on this site were ever involved with the first Radio Kaleidoscope.


1973-1976: Radio Kaleidoscope-IIRadio Kaleidoscope - LondonPats RadioK Banner

  • -The Continuation:-
  • -Radio Kaleidoscope II Began broadcasting in 1973 until 1976.
  • -Radio Kaleidoscopes I & II broadcast simultaneously during Christmas 1972 from their respective home towns in Essex &  London, ensuring an uninterrupted transition from K-I to K-II.
  • -Radio Kaleidoscope II – Operated in the South London areas and lead the way in the latest audio program techniques and was managed by Colin King
  • -This station broadcast on 266 Meters MW & VHF/FM
  • -The website for this second period is  it is operated by Pat Edison a Radio Caroline Disc Jockey.
  • Mike Baker aka Denny Tewson was the only DJ who provided shows to both Radio Kaleidoscope I & II.
  •  N.B. Only the people shown on this site were involved in Radio Kaleidoscope-Phase II
1981- Present Day:  Radio Kaleidoscope-IIIRadio K - France

  • -Radio Kaleidoscope III – (France) Began broadcasting in 1981 and is still operating today.
  • -This Station broadcasts on VHF/FM & Internet
  • -The website for this station is
  • -This station is a legitimate French broadcaster.


 The name Radio Kaleidoscope has now been broadcasting for over 50 years …