Radio Free London (RFL) 1968


Radio Free London – 1967 – 1969 

The above sound tracks were found on a reel 2 reel tape recorded by one of the Radio Kaleidoscope Monitor stations, the tape was found in one of the archive boxes marked 1968. This Radio London International (RLI) broadcast suggests that it was emanating from the Romford/Ilford area’s and  includes requests for “Roland Pearson“. The DJ’s are John Earl and Kentucky Red.

The  reception of this MW broadcast recording is typical for the 60’s, most of the land-based pirate stations including Radio Kaleidoscope only used 50-100 Watts of transmitter power during MW daytime transmissions, this was more than enough to provide a good 30-50 Mile transmission radius until 1800 hrs when the atmospheric conditions would change allowing high powered continental broadcast stations to appear and cause interference.

Domestic Broadcast receivers in the 60’s were valve radio’s they would regularly drift off frequency as they warmed up, requiring the listener to constantly adjust the Radio’s tuning dial throughout the day.

Do you Know who DJ’s John Earl or Kentucky Red are/where?

Home Location:  Essex & London
Types of involvement: Weekend broadcasts 1967- 1969
Comments / History:-


1967 – The first Radio Free London (RFL) that we do know about was broadcast from Essex by DJ Steve.T

 1968 – RFL broadcasts continued from  Romford, Essex using a various locations and groups  DJ’s John Early, Kentucky Red.

Campaign Poster against the passing of the Marine Offences Act (14/8/67)

RFL Event Romford – 1968 (Radio Kaleidoscope Archives)

1968-1970 – RFL broadcasts continued from a  variety of sites across London and Essex

Radio Free London (RFL) was a land-based pirate based in the London area which started in 1968, after the Marine Offences Act outlawing pirate radio stations. RFL was founded by Mark Ashton with help from ex-Caroline DJs including Spangles Muldoon (Chris Carey), Jason Wolfe, Stevi Merike and engineer Peter Chicago. Broadcasts were initially on 255 metres MW on Sunday afternoons from midday to 3pm.

Mixcloud Information source : Click in this link to hear Jason Wolfe in action

More information on Jason Wolfe can also be found Pirate Hall of Fame Click Here

Jason Wolfe 1968 (Courtesy Roger Neil)

News Reporter Donald Walker – Photographer  Peter Stone


Radio Free London (RFL) Meeting – 1969 (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)

The above Press article identifies some of those who were involved with RFL 1969 :-

Dick Fox Davis – A clergyman’s son & Organiser

DJ – Kayne Newman

DJ’s – Don & Sandy Allan

Technician – Mike Davis

DJ – Brian James

DJ – Jason Wolfe

DJ – Jim Gordon


Press story – 1969 (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)