Radio King (1970-1972)



DJ Kathy Jeanette interviews Roger Neil from Radio King



By Kathy Jeanette


Radio King broadcast from 1970 until about 1972 in the South London area.  I interviewed its founder Roger Neill, over a cup of tea recently,  and he told me, “people liked us for our choice of music and the original jingles, which we made ourselves.”  All the programmes were recorded on reel to reel tape recorders.


He went on to reminisce about the adventures of erecting aerials up drainpipes and alongside chimney pots on London roofs. “They were the good old days!” he mused. “We had a post office box number in West Ealing, and we had quite a few fan letters. We used to meet at Catford  Bridge Tavern  in Catford to plan events, and see what frequencies we could use”.


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Radio King No3

Radio King – Bedroom studio – 1970

Radio King No4

Radio King live show – 282 Meters – 1970

Radio King No5

Radio King – Program schedule – 1970

Radio King

Radio King – 1970


Radio King DJ Roger Neil - 2015

Roger Neil today @ Southend-on-Sea, Hospital Radio