Radio Caroline 1964 >

Following Audio Tracks – Radio Caroline around the south coast & Xmas – (Courtesy Kathy Jeanette)

Radio Caroline Video - 1965


Radio Monique car Sticker – 1984 – Shared broadcasts transmitted from aboard the Ross Revenge (Courtesy Roger Neil)

Radio Caroline – Mi Amigo 14 August 1967 (courtesy The National Archives-1967)


The first Radio Caroline Ship – Mi Amigo -1960’s (Unknown Origin ???)

Roping alongside the Mi Amigo - Radio Caroline

Roping alongside the Mi Amigo – Radio Caroline

Tony Blackburn RC-B

Tony Blackburn aboard Radio Caroline – 1966 (Unknown Origin ???? )

Roger "twiggy" Day

Roger “Twiggy” Day – Trafalgar Rally London 1970

DJ Kathy Jeanette & Ronan O'Riley 1970

DJ Kathy Jeanette and Ronan O’Riley – 1970


DJ Steve Merike - Tea break in Rayleigh, Essex 1969

DJ Steve Merike – Tea break in Rayleigh, Essex – 1969

Radio Caroline File1338   Radio Caroline File1344


DJ Glenn Adams – London Rally


Radio Free Caroline-2

Radio Free Caroline letter to Radio Kaleidoscope from Mike Baron – 1969  (former Radio Essex DJ)  1969 –

Radio Caroline North 1995

Radio Caroline North – Docklands London – 1995   (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Radio Caroline – DJs Mike Aherne & Tom Lodge – Docklands 1995 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Radio Caroline Mast and Antenna (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Lynn Strang and Friend - Docklands 1995

Lynn Strang and friend – Docklands 1995

DJ Robbie Dale - Radio Caroline

DJ Robbie Dale – FRA Rally (Courtesy Lynn Strang)



Mi Amigo 1979 – (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)


Radio Caroline – (Courtesy Linda van Schagen)

Caroline sinks P1-1

Press Cutting (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)

Radio Caroline Returns-2

After the Radio Caroline ship Mi Amigo sank 20-Mar-1980, Ronan O’Rahlly invested in a former North Sea trawler the “Ross Revenge” and had it re-fitted in Spain for broadcast purposes including a very impressive 300ft antenna mast. The Ross Revenge soon dropped anchor just off the English coast at knock deep and was ready to begin broadcasting again as Radio Caroline.

On 20-August-1983 and knowing the sensitivities of the crew and staff we took a chance to board her just before the first broadcast began, as we approached the ship we called her on the fish phone but to no avail, eventually the tender skipper John Burch pulled alongside, Andy Archer recognised us and let us climb aboard, we were then given a tour of the whole ship.


When the first broadcast began from the Ross Revenge,Andy Archer thanked us on air for the champagne delivery and read out the names of the milkman!!!!! Roger Taylor, John Birch, Keith King, Chris Harris, John Payne, Paul Southgate, Ian Tomasi, Jolly Orange … tbd……

A lot of photo’s have now emerged from this trip and will be added in due course.


Check out the massive array of guy wires required to hold up that spectacular 300 ft mast!


Approaching the Ross Revenge  20- Aug 1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug 1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug 1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug 1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug-1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug-1983


The Stern, Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983



Count the guy wires – Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Maneuvering alongside the Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Maneuvering closer – Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Radio Caroline – (Courtesy John Payne)


Boarding the Ross Revenge – 1983 (Courtesy John Payne)


DJ Johnny Lewis, Radio Caroline Studio – 1984 (Courtesy John Payne)

Downloader (58)-Sb

Radio Caroline Main Studio – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Lazer - Dave Windsor- Dave Richards-pb

Radio Caroline sitting room with Dave Windsor and ?? – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Downloader (59)-pb

Radio Caroline 2nd Studio – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Downloader (60)-pb

Radio Caroline Galley – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Downloader (63)-pb

Radio Caroline “Ampliphase” RF unit – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Downloader (61)-pb

Radio Caroline workshop – 1984 (Courtesy Ian Tomassi)

Johns Payne aboard Radio Caroline – 1984


Ross Revenge – 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug-1983


Ross Revenge 20-Aug-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983


Ross Revenge 20-August-1983

New Doc 49_3-2x

Ross Revenge 20-August-1983 – John Payne

Ross Revenge 1st Day

Radio Caroline – Ross Revenge first broadcast Aug 1983 – The milk run team boarded and delivered the Champagne – The milkman were Paul Southgate, Roger Taylor, Jolly Orange  Keith King, John Payne, & others (Courtesy Keith King)


Ross Revenge first day of Broadcast 1983

Radio Caroline first day of broadcast – More milk run photo’s. Jolly Orange, Keith King, Chris Harris, John Payne. – (Courtesy Keith King)

Ian Tomassi-s

Ian Tomassi recovering from his boat trip