Radio Canvey Island – 1985-1988

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Canvey Radio was a land-based  pirate radio station located on Canvey Island, Essex that began broadcasting in 1985 on 93.1 MHz FM.

The station was founded by DJ’s John Hanson, Jim Price and John Allen and soon attracted the attention of main stream DJ’s who provided material and shows for this popular radio station.

Following several raids by the GPO Radio Tracking services the station finally closed down in 1988.

Former members of Radio Canvey Island have provide information for this page

John Payne Radio Canvey (1980's)-2b

Radio Canvey – DJ John Allen – 1980’s

John Payne Radio Canvey - 1980's-b

Radio Canvey –  1986

Radio Canvey Island Studio - 1986-1987

Canvey Radio – 1986 (Courtesy Glen Hardy)

Radio Canvey Jingle Machine

Canvey Radio – Jingle Machine – 1985-1988

Radio Canvey - sitepb

The GPO caught Canvey Radio using this derelict building as a broadcast site in 1988 and closed them down


Captain Jan making sure DJ John Allen gets back for the next show


Sweetie Jan and the morning weight lifting classes..