Radio Basildon – Paul Southgate – 1968 >


Audio: – Keith King on Radio Basildon (Courtesy Roger Neil)
Years of involvement:  1968 – 1972
Alias: Paul Southgate
Home Location:  Basildon
Types of involvement:  DJ & Engineer
Comment / History:
  Paul was a fellow Radio & TV Engineer working for Rediffusion Cable system, Baslidon. 

It was not long before Paul found a way to tap into the Rediffusion junction boxes and provide a piped pirate radio station “Radio Basildon” to the networks vast ready made audience.


During the 60’s Rediffusion set up its HQ at Brooke House, located in the center of Basildon. Brook house was a very tall 14 storey building ideal for the occasional MW Broadcast. Radio Kaleidoscope also used Brook House on more that 6 occasions.


Like so many over the years we have lost touch and would love to hear from keith if he ever reads this page???


The latest information we have is that during the 1990’s Paul was working with the Ross Revenge preservation group helping to restore the Ross Revenge and may now be living somewhere in Devon – My thanks to DJ Keith King for this information 29Dec15

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