DJ – Tony Mendoza “DD”, “Double D”


Alias: DD & Double DTony Mendoza -Pic-197116._Linda,Tony,Tim,Pam,Jackie_11.1.69-s
Years of involvement:1967-1970
Home Location: South Benfleet, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ, transport & engineering
Comment / History:-
 In 1967 Tony was one of the very first people to offer help with transport, his light green Austin A30 Registration No “YKE 663” soon became a regular feature at our transmissions sites.

Tony who started as a CW pirate on the radio amateur bands, preferring Morse code transmissions to voice. His radio shack in Brook Road, South Benfleet had already seen many hours of broadcasting.

Through Tony we were able to access the MoD ATC site located on the A13 at South Benfleet, Essex. This particular site came ready-fitted with a rather large and impressive antennae array, it was perfect for our weekend transmissions, we could hide the vehicle in the compound and lock the large security gates to prevent any unexpected visitors.

The red GPO telephone box located adjacent to the ATC buildings provided our listeners with a direct link to one of our earliest telephone radio request shows in 1967 of which  Buster and his family were one of our first callers, resulting in Busters mother inviting us around for Tea and home-made cakes.


Tony became a very good friend, often taking us out to radio rallies and radio clubs, on a good day he would even buy us a drink!


04Jun15 – We have made contact with Tony again after some 45 years, it was great to catch up on some of those missing years..

12Jul15 – It is with sad regret that poor old Tony who had been ill for some time has passed away

RIP old friend


Andy Archer & Tony Mendoza

Andy Archer & Tony Mendoza (DD)


Linda van Schagen, Tony Mendoza, Pam Bird, Tim – FRA 1969

Tony Mendoza - FART Sheet

Tony’s Radio Kaleidoscopes Application form 1967