DJ – Steve Allen, Radio Kaleidoscope & Radio Universe & SRE

Years of involvement:1969-1971
Home Location: Hornchurch
Types of involvement: DJ & jingles
Comment / History:-
Having previously been involved with Swinging Radio England (SRE), Steve (and Barry Collins) found his way to us through Buster.

Radio Kaleidoscope had been looking for cover stations in a bid to deflect attention away from its own name. Steve Allen suggested the name Radio Universe and provided us with jingle sets and shows to support the new station name.

Then, during Radio Kaleidoscopes multi-station broadcasts, we not only changed the transmission site at a pre-determined time, but we also changed the station name to Radio Universe.

A different team of DJs were used to support Radio Universe, then at another agreed changeover time Radio Kaleidoscope would re-appear, broadcasting from yet another location.

In 1971 the last note I have next to Steve Allen’s name “Danube Radio” UN Austria?

Last heard of on LBC London