DJ – Robin Adcroft “Robin Banks” “Roger Lane”

Years of involvement:1969 – 1971

Name: Robin AdcroftDJ's Robin Banks & Tracy DeramRobin Banks
Alias: Robin Banks & Roger Lane
Home Location: Cheltenham, London & Kent?
Types of involvement: DJ
Comment / History:-
Robin was one of those DJs who in the early days preferred anonymity,  his taped shows which were very popular would be passed on to Radio Kaleidoscope via Buster at South Benfleet.  After use all of the tapes were bulk-erased and returned to the relevant DJ’s.

In later years Robin took his own audio mixer to Busters and produced his own radio shows.

The audio mixer was a build your own mixer kit produced by Partridge Electronics, Thundersley. Alf Partridge (Local Conservative Councillor) sold unique high quality plug in audio modules from his shop in Hart Road that could be purchased either in kit form or as a ready built option.

Most of the Radio Kaleidoscope transmissions were broadcast from Southend-on-Sea located at the mouth of the Thames estuary directly opposite Kent with only the  Thames Estuary separating the the two counties, Radio Kaleidoscope was very audible in Kent, signal reports were regularly provided by Robin and others.


.Stations worked on:-

Radio Free London (RFL)

Channel Radio –  “Roger Lane”

Radio Kaleidoscope – “Roger Lane”

Radio Caroline – “Robin Banks”

Radio NorthSea International – “Robin Banks”

Lazer 558

Voice of Peace 

Radio Nova

Lazer 730

Virgin Radio


Kiss Radio

Red Sands Fort – Project Red Sands

Robin Banks at Busters-2   Recording Studio 1967-1972

FRC News Jan 1969 - Snip

Extract from FRC News 1969

FRC News Jan 1969

Extract from another Free Radio News edition -1969

Station A schedule

Radio Kaleidoscope hand written program schedule showing Roger Lane’s time slot – The mid-day and afternoon gap is where the stations switched to transmitter “B” sites.

Robin Banks (RHS) aboard Radio Caroline – Mi Amigo

Robin Banks and Lynn Strang at the FRA , Bottom left Geoff & June Pearl -1969 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

June Pearl, Geoffrey Pearl, Lynn Strang, Alan, Reg, Jill, Geff, Robin Banks, Paul Harris FRA building – 1969 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Robin Banks (Courtesy Hans Knot)

Captain Banks

Robin Banks at work (Courtesy Hans Knot)

Robin Banks (Courtesy Hans Knot)

Click on the video above and listen to Robin encouraging the RNI audience to Join in the Mr Wilson song..


Sadly we have now learnt that on 16 September 2018 another of the great pirate DJ’s has passed on to that eternal radio station ..  Our sincere condolences to Robins family and friends..

 Robin was one of our earliest DJ’s providing regular taped shows for MW broadcasting, Robin always had a very loyal group of friends and supporters.   A member of the Radio Kaleidoscope team attended Robins funeral at Cheltenham 12 October 2018…. 

Thank you Robin … RIP 


The heart felt words of Andy Archer 

‘My old friend  Robin Adcroft passed away at the Leckhampton Court Hospice near Cheltenham on Sunday September 16th. I went to see him with Robb and Nickki Eden a fortnight before he died and we spent most of the day reminiscing about the adventures, narrow escapes and countless laughs we had together over the past 51 years. Despite being very weak and struggling with his breathing, he was the perfect host as ever.

During the last few days of Robin’s life, our small group of his oldest friends were in regular contact with each other and sending messages of support to keep his spirits up, Robb and Nickki, Brian McKenzie, Roger Kent (who also visited him two days before he died), Johnny Jason, A.J. Beirens, Michael Lindsay, Victor Pelli and Edwin Bollier.  But above all, the frequent visits and the love and support Robb and Nickki Eden gave to Robin and his partner Zac goes way beyond words.

I first met Robin in 1967 when we were both volunteering and anoraking at the Free Radio Association in Rayleigh, Essex. He was the Photographic Officer and had just returned from taking photographs aboard all of the remaining pirate radio ships. He was a wonderful character and we hit it off straight away.  Aside from his talent as a photographer, he was a great mimic too and would keep me in fits of laughter with tales of what went on in the  committee meetings.  One of his party pieces was imitating a rather eccentric and slightly deaf member of the committee. If she hadn’t heard a particular point which was being discussed she would exclaim rather loudly  “I didn’t quite hear you eeeeuggghhh”!! It became one of his catch-phrases and I’m sure many of his friends reading this will recall the countless occasions they heard those words flowing from his mouth in a high pitched scream.

As will those crazy days at 14 Addison Gardens which became the most disreputable flat in Shepherd’s Bush in the late 60s. It will bring a smile to the faces of all who shared that particular period of madness in Robin’s life. I’ll never forget it.

He began his offshore “pirate” radio career on the Mi Amigo in 1972/73 but is best known for his work on Radio Northsea International where he presented programmes using the name Robin Banks. Banks was the surname of his beloved grandmother, who like Robin, was a great character too. After R.N.I. closed, Robin continued to work for the MEBO organization, which took him to all parts of the world. It’s such a pity he never recorded the stories of his adventures in Libya which were every bit as exciting as his days on the “pirate” ships.

Robin will be greatly missed by the many people he crossed paths with.  He was loving, gentle, witty, down to earth and above all one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

My thoughts are with Zac, Robb and Nickki and the wonderful memories of a dear friend.

Andy Archer, September 16th 2018.


Hans Knot

Sunday September 16th the sad news came in that in the afternoon Robin Adcroft passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer. It was around three months ago Robin wrote me that he had moved some time ago from Kent to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and that he needed a little operation and would come back after that with some memories. However the situation around Robin was more worse than expected. Some days before his passing I was informed by some of the former RNI colleagues about the bad situation. Another star of the RNI family has gone.


Some more about his career here from the archive of Jon Myer at the Pirate Hall of Fame. ‘Robin was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (birthday 23rd May), Robin was a fan of the sixties offshore stations and was lucky enough to visit Radio 390’s Red Sands Fort in 1967. Robin was fascinated by the place and in 1968, whilst working at Twickenham Films Studios, he encouraged director Dick Lester to film some of his movie Please login or register to see this link. (which starred Spike Milligan) on the fort. Unfortunately lack of finance prevented this.


There were also unsuccessful plans to use the fort as a discotheque or hotel. Robin followed his interest in radio by becoming involved with various landbased pirates and, in January 1973, joining Radio Caroline, soon after the ship had returned to the air. He was originally employed as an engineer but soon found himself presenting programmes too.


In August 1973 he moved to Radio Northsea International where he changed his name to Robin Banks (Robino Banco). He stayed with RNI until its closedown the following year and then worked aboard its ship, the MEBO II, preparing her for a planned future as Radio Nova International. When these plans were foiled, he worked with Spangles Muldoon in his electronics firm, with Robb Eden in Dutch clubs and as an engineer for Rank Xerox. He then moved to the Voice of Peace, the offshore station anchored of the coast of Israel, before returning to the MEBO II, which by this time had been sold to the Libyan government. In the eighties he worked as a transmitter engineer in Ireland and was involved briefly in the early days of (eighties offshore station) Laser 558. Robin has installed dozens of TV and radio stations in Central America, North and West Africa and in the Middle East. He was also one of the leading lights of the campaign to preserve Red Sands fort, Project Redsand. He was not the same ‘Robin Banks’ who has been heard on Virgin, Xfm, Kiss, etc..’


Thanks to Jon for the information

Hans Knot

Hans Knot International Radio Report October/November 20018


Information source :


Pirate Hall of Fame glowing Tribute to Robin

CLICK here or on the Picture   Extract from the Pirate Hall of Fame : –   While continuing to work in the film industry, Robin got involved with land-based pirate radio, in particular Radio Free London which was based in his shared flat in Addison Gardens, west London. A number of former offshore disc jockeys were there too including Spangles Muldoon and Andy Archer. He also broadcast as ‘Roger Lane’ on a couple of other land-based pirates, Channel Radio and Radio Kaleidoscope.


  • RIP Robin

    On following youtube link you can hear Robin closing down the station while in Libya/Benghazi in 1978