Peter Blacklock – Journalist

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Years of involvement:1968-1971

Home Location: Essex
Types of involvement: Journalist – Evening Echo, Southend Standard, Standard Recorder & Others
Comment / History:-
Various members of the press tried to contact Radio Kaleidoscope through a number of routes. Most would reach as far as Buster and then no further. Peter came highly recommended by John & Maggie Langston as a person of high integrity who we could trust, suspicions during this period were rife and our general policy was to protect everyone?s identity at all times and never take an unknown person to an active transmission site, for obvious reasons!

To accommodate the press, we would prepare a special station at one of our multiple transmission sites.we allowed Peter to meet us at one of the sites and his stories went to press on many occasions.

Thank you Peter!


Peter was commended for his work in 1971

Peter Blacklock award





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Evening Echo – Peter Blacklock – Journalist

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