DJ – Paul Burd – Host House & DJ

Years of involvement:1967-1973
Home Location: Hadleigh, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ – Host House & Transport
Comment / History:-
Paul knew the Radio Kaleidoscope team before they began broadcasting in 1967, he was the first person to offer a Host house in Hadleigh whist his parents were away on holiday.


Paul recalls the Long wire antenna strung from a high tree in a neighbor’s garden passing through his bedroom window before connecting to the MW transmitter, a party ensued and the broadcast continued for the entire weekend with DJ’s Jolly Orange, Bob the Radio Knob, Zebedee, even Paul provided some of the On-Air entertainment during the 30 hour broadcast.


The transmitter used for this early broadcast was an Ex-military REME 19 set, SNo 65332 modified for the MW band, producing 50 Watts RF output.


In 1972 Paul asked Steve to be the best man at his wedding and also requested that the Radio Kaleidoscope road show “Discophonic Discotheques” provide entertainment at the wedding reception. Unfortunately the day before Paul’s wedding the engine on Steve’s Ford Anglia 105E van broke own Anglia 105E ,undeterred both Steve and Paul worked through the night to fit a replacement engine into the van completing the job just hours before the start of the wedding ceremony at Hadleigh Church in Essex.

It all ended happily for Paul and his new wife Linda, with Radio Kaleidoscope DJ’s “Jolly Orange”  and ” Mr H” providing the music entertainment throughout the reception whilst also helping the bride and groom consume some well earned beers..

Paul was also a friend of our DJ “DD” Tony Menzoda, his wife Linda was friends with Tony’s sister June.


In 1967 when Southend-on-Sea Kursaal arcade was in full swing, they offered a “Voice O Gram” slot machine that enabled you to record your own 45 RPM disc for approx 1/-.  Having both consumed a whole glass of lemonade each at a nearby sea front pub, Paul and Steve recorded their own rendition of the Beatles Yellow submarine, it did not make the UK  Alan Freeman hit parade but it is still one of Paul’s prized possession.

N.B we promise never to release it !! ..

45 RPM - Self recorded disc

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Voice recording machine

Southend Kursaal owned a similar recording machine in the 1960’s

Quizz Night - Kursaal-1

The Kursaal Amusement Park – Southend on Sea


Actual 19 Set used at Paul's house - 1967

Actual 19 Set Transmitter used at Paul’s house – 1967

Anglia 105E

Identical Ford Anglia 105E Van with 5 1/2″ J wheels


DJ Paul and new wife Linda – Wedding day 1972

DJ Jolly Orange, DJ Paul Burd and bride Linda – 1972