Martin Hope – Host House

Audio: Tbd
Years of involvement:  1968 – 1972
Alias: Tbd
Home Location: Hadleigh, Essex
Types of involvement: Host House, Helper and friend
Comment / History:
  In our early years, Martin was a very good friend who was always willing to help out and enjoyed the odd joke. He was a great guy to have around and we would often spend time with Martin and his girlfriend Lorraine at various social events.

During the late 60’s and early 70’s, Martin like a lot of our other local friends would organise house parties at the family home in Dawes Heath Rd, usually when his parents were absent.

We took the opportunity to set up a long wire antenna and broadcast from his parents house during some of his parties.

Paul Burd remembers the time when a forbidden to touch and much cherished stain glass door in Martins house was accidently damaged, unfortunately by Martin himself whilst he was trying to protect it.  We all spent days afterwards trying to find somebody to repair the door before his parents returned home.

(Hmmm what party mum  ?)

Bob Johnson, Paul Burd, Tony MendozaSteve Taylor and Jim Randel were some of those in attendance, Jim who also lived in Dawes Heath road not far from Martins house, provided the transport for our equipment.

Martin on vacation – Don’t think it is Canvey Island ….Hi

Sadly Martin is, no longer with us or I am sure that he would have added to the many stories that we both shared.

Our thoughts and love go out to his wife Lorraine, his children and all of his family.

RIP Old friend

Pictures & Documents:

H & Steve-s

A typical set up of the music equipment used at a Host House, DJ’s Mr “H” & Stevie Tee

If anyone has any additional pictures or sound tracks of Martin we will gladly add them to this page ??

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