DJ – Jim Randall “Zebedee”


Years of involvement:1967 – 1969

Alias: ZebedeeJim (Randall) O'Brien 001-sfalcon-Jim Randle
Home Location: Hadleigh, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ & transmission site
Comment / History:-
 During the very early days of Radio Kaleidoscope, Jim offered the use of his parents house at Dawes Heath Road,  Hadleigh, Essex as a host broadcast site…   His white and red Ford Falcon was soon full of Radio Kaleidoscope equipment, then in true Aussie form Jim could not refuse the temptation of the microphone, it was to be Jim’s first experience as a radio broadcaster, he adapted very quickly and was soon broadcasting regularly to the nation under the DJ pseudonym “Zebedee”.Tony Mendoza had a friend who used a Bow and Arrow to fire a nylon line over the tall trees in Jim’s garden allowing the team to haul up a large and very efficient MW antenna, ensuring a very good signal from Radio Kaleidoscope. Jim with his Aussie accent was a welcome addition to the team he was a very popular DJ receiving many requests during our phone-in shows. his constant whit and good humor kept everyone on their toes.!

We have been informed that sadly DJ Jim is no longer with us, members from his former Radio station 101FM, Logan, Australia confirmed that Jim passed away in 2009.

 In 2006 we re-established contact with Jim (thanks to Pat Edison) after some 36 years, Jim who was one of Radio Kaleidoscopes first DJ’s was thrilled to have made contact again, his DJ name of “Zebedee” described him well….   he was always full of bounce !!!  and a great person to have around, full of entertainment, real good fun and will certainly be missed.

Our hearts go out to Jim’s family and friends.

RIP Jim you have left some lasting memories.



Station & Other Involvements:

Radio Kaleidoscope – “Zebedee

Brisbane Radio 101FM, Australia – “Jim O’Brien


Pictures and Documents:-

FRC News Jan

Extracts from FRC News 1969


Contact again after 36 years – Thanks to Pat Edison

Jim Tweets about re-establishing contact with Jolly Orange again

Brisban 101FM

Jim last worked on 101FM Logan, Australia

Jim (Randall) O'Brien 001

DJ Jim Randall “Zebedee” “Jim O’Brien” (Courtesy Terry Blacker 101FM Logan, Australia)

DJ Jim Randall " Jim O'Brian" at 1010FM

Jim in the beach shirt, with the team from 101FM  – (Courtesy Terry Blacker 101FM Logan, Australia)

jim-hair (1)

DJ Jim with hair – (Courtesy Terry Blacker 101FM, Logan, Australia )


  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  12 May 2009

Back home. Can’t believe I had a heart attack ! Whole new life now.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  25 Apr 2009

Up & about. Lucy the cat is in her staring at me mode. Coffee will be nice.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  15 Apr 2009

says to adevenish: Thanks mate. I got all that stuff Re CPOD. Cheers

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  10 Apr 2009

I was disappointed that they made it look like there was only 1 pirate station when actually there were heaps.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  10 Apr 2009

Easy Saturday. Went to the flicks & saw Boat That Rocked. I was involved in Pirate Radio so give it 3 out of 5.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  4 Apr 2009

@adevenish. I just checked. I think we faxed the agreement to you but I don’t think we received the user name & password. Will call 2morrow.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  4 Apr 2009

@adevenish. I think we need a code or password or something. I’ll go & re read it.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  4 Apr 2009

@adevenish. thanks mate. I think we did receive the cpod stuff. Just checked. Yes we did get the manual, step by step guide & licence info.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  3 Apr 2009

did a great interview on Friday with a woman who used to be a Brothel Manager. Maybe we should learn how to podcast.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  24 Mar 2009

Off to work. Feel a bit seedy. Meetings this arv & tonight. On air this morning. Oh Well.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  19 Mar 2009

Starting to feel like lunch. What to have? That is the question.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  11 Mar 2009

I’m just realizing how good a salesman Howard is & what an asset to the station he is. We’re so lucky to have him.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  11 Mar 2009

Everyone at the station laughed at how excited I got about the recorder. I’m going there this morning to let them hear the results.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  11 Mar 2009

We’ve been looking for a decent broadcast quality recorder & I found it on the CBAA website. Made a deal with the local music shop.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  11 Mar 2009

Been feeling really tired lately but back to normal now. Station bought a new ZOOM H4 digital recorder. It’s fantastic. Used it last night.

  1. Jim O’Brien ‏@brizzee  1 Mar 2009

First time here. Hot day here in Briz. Worked on station newsletter. Chilling now with tv. Had great email from old pirate radio mate in UK.