Paul Harris – Author, Journalist, Intelligence officer MI6.


Paul Anthony Harris (22 July 1948 – 24 May 2018) was an author and publisher, based in Scotland. His first work was When Pirates Ruled the Waves, which ran to four editions within a short space of time between 1968 and 1970. This was published by his own company, Impulse Books in Aberdeen.

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Paul who originated from Kent was a regular visitor at the Free Radio Association (FRA) 239 Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex. between 1968-1971 he was well known to both the Radio Kaleidoscope and FRA team members.   See Paul reporting live on RNI 1970.

Sadley Paul has now past away taking with him a lot of very interesting memories

RIP Paul..

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FRA 239 Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex… ?, June Pearl, Geoffrey Pearl, Paul Harris, ? – 1968 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Paul Harris, Alan Brindley – 1968 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

FRA Office – Top Left Paul Harris bottom right Geoffrey Pearl – 1968 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)l

June Pearl, Geoffrey Pearl, Lynn Strang, Alan, Reg , Jill, John, DJ Robin Adcroft, Paul Harris on floor – 1968  (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Paul Harris – Author of “When Pirates Ruled the Waves” – 1969 – A man with many contacts.. (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

DJ Kathy JeanettaPaul Harris (Author), DJ Tracy Deram – Margaret (FRA) – 1969 – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Starting top left Lovely Linda, Tracy Deram, Paul Harris, Kathy Jeanetta – 1969 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Paul Harris addressing the London Free Radio rally – Poss 1970 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Paul Harris  was instrumental in the creation and the launch of the Capital Radio from a ship “King David” located off the Dutch coast – 1970

A short time later the Capital Radio ship “King David” floundered

Tender boat alongside RNI with Paul Harris aboard – 1971

Book Review – Paul Harris

Paul Harris – The Press and Journal – 1968

The History of Offshore Radio, Paul Harris 1968-1970

Paul Harris – 1968

LHS Paul Harris complete with Kilt


Paul Harris, Croatia 1991

Paul Harris in Sri Lanka


Paul Harris in later years enjoying his world of antiquities


Paul Harris was always on the phone. Here Paul is using the SATELLITE  Phone,  from memory I think these were issued from a company called Globalstar with the antenna mounted in the lid of the brief case, the voice was usable but the data rate was typically 1200 baud and very slow to use, they were later replaced with smaller Iridium Satellite phones –  1990’s  – (Courtesy of Berwickshire news)

Some of Paul Harris’s many roles..