Linda Van Schagen – Free Radio Association (FRA)


Years of involvement:  1969 – 1973
Alias: Lovely Linda128._Linda,Jackie,FRA_Rally_23.8.70-s LL
Home Location: Southend-on-Sea, Essex
Types of involvement:  FRA
Comment / History:
 LL worked for the FRA most weekends and got to meet a lot of the pirate radio personnel and FRA members.


LL has some fond memories of her radio days that she is happy to share with us and has kindly provided a large folder of period press cuttings and photo’s that we will be gradually added to this site..

Thank you Linda…

Stations & Other Involvements:
Pictures & Documents:

DJ Johnnie Walker appearing at Southend-on-Sea – 1969 ( Courtesy Linda Van Schagen


Free Radio Rally, London – 1969 (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)



Johnie Walker Radio Caroline  Flyer (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)


Radio Caroline DJ’s Jerry Leighton, Mike Ahern & Roger Gale – (Courtesy Linda Van Schagen)

IMG_20151112_0002 (2)-s

Life at sea – Possibly Radio Caroline Mi Amigo – 1969 ( Courtesy Linda van Schagen)



Free Radio supporter Ray Butler – Without Pirate Radio – Southend Council would not have had access to the Local Radio Stations they all enjoy today !!! So much for serving the community? – 1970’s ( Courtesy Linda van Schagen)

Tom Edwards Radio Caroline 60's

Autographed Photo – DJ Tom Edwards, Radio Caroline – 1967 – (Courtesy Linda van Schagen)