Geoffrey & June Pearl – Free Radio Association (FRA)


Organisation: Free Radio Association (FRA)

Geoffrey Pearl - FRA

Geoffrey Pearl

Location: Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex
Organisation Structure:-

Sir Ian Mactaggart – President

Geoffrey Pearl – Chairman

Mike Tickner – General Secretary

Margaret Stock – Treasurer

Martin Baird – Sound Advertising

Bob Craig – Branch co-ordinator

Tim Davis – Research Officer

Alex McKenna – Publicity Officer

Roy Brooker – Literature Service

June Pearl – Literature Secretary

Alan Purnell – Graphic Designer

Tony Young – Sound Magazine

Lynn Strang – Membership Secretary

Sir Ian-Mactaggart

Sir Ian Mactaggart – FRA President


FRA Staff


In 1969 Geoffrey Pearl, Chairman of the Free Radio Association offered the use of his facility at 239, Eastwood Road Rayleigh as a Radio Kaleidoscope meeting venue and mailbox address.

During one of our meetings (organised by Mike Baker), Geoff brought in a young Colin King and asked if we would mind him sitting in during our discussions. Colin’s only question during the meeting was “How did you choose the name Radio Kaleidoscope?”

Most of the Radio Kaleidoscope team felt uncomfortable using the FRA’s facilities, preferring instead to use an alternative location.

FRA 239 Eastwood Road, Rayleigh, Essex… ??, June Pearl, Geoffrey Pearl, Paul Harris, ?? – 1968 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

Mike Baker age 21Yrs -FRA meeting room – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)

DJ Tracy Deram on the FRA Hotline – 1968

Paul Harris at the FRA – A man with many contacts

Cath,Jackie,Vanessa,Linda,Jill,Pam_8.3.69.-S-B         FRA –  Linda Van Schagen  (Center) – 1969


The overworked staff at the FRA – 1969

Southend-on-Sea FRA Carnival float – 1969

DJ Kathy Jeanette & Jackie 1970     DJs Lynn Strang & Andy Archer at No 10 Downing Street

Chathy Hockley FRA

Cathy Hockley – FRA – 239 Eastwood Rd, Rayleigh – 1968

Mike Baker FRA 1969

Mike Baker taped shows delivered to Radio Kaleidoscope – 1969



FRA Letter sent to all Pirates 30Aug1970


DJ Spangles Muldoon – FRA Rally 1969 (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Terry Worrell – FRA 1968 – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Glen Adams


DJ Robbie Dale 1968 – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Tim Davis ordering more Records – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


DJ’s Tony Young & Dick Fox Davis


Sir Ian McTaggart FRA Rally 1969 – (Courtesy Lynn Strang)


Lovely Linda, DJ Roger, Bob, DJ Kathy Jeanetta , Vanessa, Margaret, DJ Tracey Deram, Jackie, Geoff Pearl – FRA 1968

Pam, Lyn, Choc 5.8.201546 years later Pam, Lynn & Choc meet again in London (Courtesy Pam Bird)


Andy Archer outside 239 Eastwood Road – 1970


A young Andy Archer helping out at the FRA – 1969


Steve Merike enjoying a cup of tea at the FRA – 1970


Lynn Strang featuring in FRA News – 1969 (Courtesy Roger Neil)

Margret Stock – FRA Football Syndicate – 1969 (Courtesy Roger Neil)

FRA Car Sticker – Hounslow branch – 1969 ( Courtesy Roger Neil)

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