DJ – The Emperor Rosko (Parody)




Years of involvement:  1970 – 1972
Alias:  Emperor Rosko
Home Locations:  France, USA, Luxembourg, London, North Sea (Radio Caroline), Switzerland.
Types of involvement:  DJ
Comment / History:
 Radio kaleidoscope was always looking for ways to compete with the larger radio stations. Then with all the various pirate radio stations broadcasting off the English coast a DJ was heard on Radio Caroline providing a completely new style of show(s) they were very distinctive and enthusiastic it was of course “The Emperor Rosko Show”, it wasn’t long before the Radio-K team was re-broadcasting his programs.

Soon afterwards a record company provided Radio-K with free LP’s of the Rosko shows via Buster, these were quickly put to good use and broadcast on air.

All of the rebroadcast shows were topped and tailed using the Radio-K Jingle set produced by Mike Baker


The Emperor Rosko and Alan Freeman were the only two external DJ’s whose recorded radio shows were re-broadcast on Radio Kaleidoscope in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


…… Many thanks to Rosko and Sherri…….


Stations & Other Involvements:
Radio 1

Radio Caroline – Mi amigo

Radio Luxembourg – 208

Radio Monte Carlo – aka President Rosko

Rosko International Road Show

USS Coral Sea, Aircraft Carrier – aka Michael Prescott


Pictures & Documents:

Emperor Rosko – Seahawk Club, RN Air Station Culdrose – ( Courtesy Navy-News-May 1973 )

Dj The Emperor Rosko

BBC Disc Jockey Emperor Rosko pictured in the 1960s (Image: Rex) Courtesy Daily Mirror – 2016

Click on picture above for more details.

One of the many LP’s from the Kaleidoscope library – This is the actual LP used on air by Radio-K and its road show Discophonic Discotheques 1970/2

The Emperor Rosko Mobile – Must be the first mobile Radio DJ? complete with lemonade ( Courtesy Hans Knott)

The lovely Sherri Lynn (Left) and The Emperor Rosko (Center) – London 1969…  Plus the Mini Moke(s) an iconic car from the 60’s

The Emperor Rosko and Sherri Lynn (Right) –  London 2017…  And again those great little mini Mokes.

The 1960’s TV series “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan and other famous people alike have all helped imortailse the great little Mini Moke. (Courtesy The Telegraph 2017)

The Emperor Rosko – A Genius at work (Courtesy Hans Knott)

CLICK on Picture ::: See the Great President Rosko live on Radio Luxembourg – 1966

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