DJ – Nigel Goulding “Archimedes”

Alias: ArchimedesNG 1970s-2
Years of involvement: 1968-1970
Home Location: Hadleigh
Types of involvement: DJ & Helper
Comment / History:-
 Nigel regularly helped out with equipment installations and as a Dee Jay, as students Nigel and Steve hitch-hiked too and from college (round trip of 48 Miles) every day for many years.


Nigel recalls the first portable mast:-

With so many different types of installations to deal with, the Radio Kaleidoscope team purchased a 50ft portable Ex-Army mast from Schoffrons Radio shop, York Rd, Southend.

On the way home the team decided to have a practice erection session, Brian parked the Bedford van close to John Burrows recreational grounds in Hadleigh, Essex and the team carried the new mast onto one of the empty playing fields.

The mast was first laid out and assembled on the ground using all of the required guy ropes, fixing stakes and insulators. during which a large crowd started to gather and sit on the grass around the same area, then with a bit of a wobbly start the mast was gradually raised by the various team members pulling on the respective guy ropes in sequence. It was not an easy exercise for novices but it eventually went up and sat proudly in the middle of the field.

Much to the growing crowds surprise the team then lowered the mast, packed it all away and just drove off


Evening Echo Extract 1970

Evening Echo Newspaper snip-it – 1970




Similar Mast Erection - Sands Amateur Radio Contest Group

Similar Portable Mast Erection – Photo from Sands Amateur Radio Contest Group