DJ – Chris Trelawny “Chris T”

Years of involvement:1968 – 1972

Alias: Chris T
Home Location: Stanford-le-hope, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ
Comment / History:-
  Chris was a Mobile Oil, executive based at Corringham, Essex, Chris joined us at various events, but more notably Chris and his friend Steve Haylock regularly booked the Radio Kaleidoscope road show “Discophonic Discoteques” to perform at the Mobile Oil Pegasus Social Club. Every event was extremely well attended with some of the best raffle prizes we have ever seen. At one such event Steve.T pulled out the first raffle ticket to find that it was one of his own, the large crowd booed and hissed (laughingly we think!), with the first prize being a solid gold Rolex gents wrist watch Steve elected to pull another ticket and the mood of the crowd changed to a huge cheer.They were always fun parties with a great crowd of people.  We were always told off for running past the 00:00 curfew but the revelers just didn’t want to go home.. honest!