DJ – Barry Halls “Mr H”

Alias:Mr H
Years of involvement:1968-1985
Home Location: Stanford-le-Hope, Essex
Types of involvement: DJ, transport & discos
Comment / History:-
Barry originally offered the use of his Red MKI 1500 GT Cortina to transport Radio Kaleidoscope’s equipment. 

In the early days a lot of broadcasts were live: very few shows were taped the taped shows were always kept as standby programs in case a problem occurred or a DJ failed to turn up. Barry soon found himself spinning discs and talking into a microphone on a regular basis. When the roadshows started in the form of Discophonic Discotheques Barry was keen to join in and became one of main road show DJs. Weekends became a combination of radio by day and roadshows by night.


For the rest of the week Barry would spend his time at the local karate club trying build up his strength so that he could carry all of our 45RPM discs (over 3000!) and equipment around.

Barry was also the best man at Steve’s wedding (twice) and has remained in touch ever since.

Stations & Other involvements:-


-Radio Kaleidoscope – DJ Name Mr H

-Radio Kaleidoscope Road shows – Discophonic Discotheques

Radio Strass (Mayrhofen Austria) – DJ Name “H”


Barry recalls HMS Belfast – Admirals daughters Wedding

In the 70’s soon after HMS Belfast had taken up its new mooring close to Tower Bridge, London. The Radio Kaleidoscope road show “Discophonic Disco’s” was asked to provide entertainment on-board the HMS Belfast for a wedding. The Admirals daughters wedding was the first such wedding to take place aboard the Belfast and the facilities were not easy.


The surrounding dock areas at that time were undeveloped, very run down with poor lighting, Barry recalls the cat walk onto the HMS Belfast being long and uphill as we boarded the ship at high tide carrying heavy Twin decks, Speakers, tables, lighting units and large boxes of records, the crew then helped to manhandle all of the equipment below decks and into the reception/bar area, at least it will be downhill when we leave thought Barry, but alas we were aboard for such a long time that the tide turned and it was an even steeper climb to off-load all of the equipment in the early hours of the morning.


Whilst setting up in the Bar area Steve noticed a large very shiny ships bell hanging in the corner mounted over a small carpeted triangular shaped floor section… well there was nobody about and one just has to check these things out after all those years…hmmm.. Much to both Barry & Steve’s surprise the bell sent out a most resounding “GONG” that resonated throughout  the ships metal superstructures, suddenly and before Steve could even let go of the bells hammer, Sailors appeared from everywhere..  Apparently it was the ships free drinks bell, anyone who gets caught ringing it has to buy all those present a free drink…  Our profits were not very good for that event.


HMS Belfast Admirals daughters wedding

HMS Belfast – London 1970’s

Radio Kaleidoscope Tape editing kit -1970

Barry was a manager at the Tandy store in Romford, this repair kit was supplied by Barry in the 1970’s and is still in use today!!

H - Re-enactment

DJ “Mr H” Re-enactment day 2014 – Still living in the past !