DJ – Stephen West – Radio King

Years of involvement:1965 – 1972

Alias: Stephen WestStephen West-2
Home Location:
Types of involvement: DJ
Comment / History:- Stephen used to provide regular broadcast reports to Radio Kaleidoscope usually via Buster, we think that Stephen was also responsible for organizing the supplies 45 RPM records from Decca that frequently arrived at either Busters or Maggie & John Langstons house at South Benfleet in Essex

You can still hear some very early audio of Stephen [CLICK HERE]


Station & Other Involvements:

Radio King

Radio 390

Radio 355


Letter RTI - 3-s

Letter from DJ Stephen West to Radio Kaleidoscope – (Courtesy Phil Crosby)


Paul Bryan DSO MC Convserative - Press Release 1969 C

Paul Bryan DSO MC Conservative – Press Release – 1969 (Courtesy Phil Crosby)

Austin Cambridge - GPO Radio Detector Van - (Courtesy Phil Crosby, Australia)

Austin Cambridge – GPO Radio Detector Van – (Courtesy Phil Crosby)